Under table mounted LED Lights
LED undertable lights LED undertable lights

New Break Through in the industry!
Battery Operated, no cords, no plugs, no outlet needed, battery operated, Fantastic great low prices

Pink Chandelier

LL10T 4' Small Diamond Swirl Chandelier Centerpiece Kit: Includes - HLL10 Swirl Chandelier ( 10" dia x 4' l ). Color Choices: Clear/Iridescent, Black, Pink, Silver, 4' Clear Upright, 10" diameter Clear Base, 6" diameter Support, 2 Bags of Pink or Clear Acrylic Chips.

Silver Chandelier

HLL308T Chandelier Centerpiece Kit: Includes - HLL308 Silver Disc Swirl Chandelier ( 3' Tall x 1' Square ), 10" Clear Base, 6" Clear Support, 4' Clear Upright & 3 Bags of Silver Nuggets.

Crystal Chandelier

HLL1418T Large Diamond Centerpiece Kit: Includes - HLL1418 Chandelier ( 10" diameter x 3' tall ). Color Choices - Clear/Iridescent & Silver, 4' Clear Upright, 10" Clear Base, 6" Clear Support & 2 Bags of Acrylic Chips.

Centerpices are 3' high and looks great with the LEDS lighting them up

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Wall wash Lighting
wall wash lights
Accessorize wth Risers
risers risers colored
Orb lights
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Modular Props & Furniture
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Pink Cylinder Light


Green Rectangle Light

Acrylic 12x12 30" high great look and unique also it CAN BE LIT with our LEDs

Ice Buckets
Ice Bucket
Wine, Martini & Champagne Glasses
Wine, Martini & Champagne Glasses Wine, Martini & Champagne Glasses Martini Glass